Let’s Pretend

let’s pretend that for a moment when I came back to bed, where you lay on top of the heavy quilt that is too hot for the summer’s humidity and I crawl underneath the fitted sheet littered with mascara stains, that it is just us two.

that I too join you in my size medium underwear hung on petite hips I wear as pajamas, and you in boxer briefs, we do more than lay around talking about the mark on my right knee.

that when I apologize for not being nearly as pretty waking up next to you for the first time, I hadn’t done the same every time I’ve fallen asleep next to you.

that I curl beneath your arm and press myself into the most handsome man sharing the lasting bits of the sunrise we are able to catch. 

pretend that when you became silent I check for your tattoos that trace along the freckles on your skin, the ensure it’s you.

And that I wish you could teach me piano so I can play a song that’s almost as beautiful as you.

that maybe instead of telling you nothing I tell you everything. 

that at 2 am on a Tuesday instead of saying ‘goodbye’ on the front porch, you kiss me three times and roll over falling back to sleep. 

that as much as you believed you couldn’t fall in love again, you do.

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