Southern Italian dreams spending summer solstices drinking too many glasses of merlot while filling pages with words.  East Coast realities of undergrad and figuring out adulthood—each nostalgic poem, narrative short-story, blatant non-fiction, or travel diary—at a time. Shown on here, mirandaevon.com.

Fantasies mimicked into stories that’ll linger in the back of your brain. That dig into the crevasses of your mind. Tiptoeing over the childish banter of how my grandmother is the woman I look up to, but rather dive into the deep end on why she only drinks whiskey sours with rum and never have a martini dry.

Read when you’ve woken up and you’re already on your third cup of coffee. Too jittery to read about ‘How to Lose Ten Pounds in Ten days’ or some dull weekend roundup from a lifestyle blogger (I’ve been guilty for those, too).

So put down the unrealistic horoscopes, you probably won’t find true love this week, and try reading a story about someone else not finding true love this week. At least this time it’s not

picking apart your life, just someone else’s. 

Find your nostalgic bliss, breaking free from the blogging norm, at mirandaevon.com