“You’re a cheap date.” “I know.”

I’m not one for fancy dinners, romantic gestures that cost more than my rent, or anything involving an expensive champagne toast. So in reality, yeahI’m a cheap date. I’d rather make my own cheese board and lay out in the park than buy one at a restaurant for $30 that has 3 slices of cheddar cheese and 2 crackers.

Since my boyfriend and I have been together for a year, he and I have our (so far) favorite dates down. Also, since we’re doing long distance a lot of our money goes to gas and food off I-95.

So, if you and your partner (best friend, sis/bro, or whatever) are looking for a fun date, look no further.

Dates Around Your Area:


Most are free and have special exhibits every now and again! Going to museums is Damian and I’s favorite date, but since it was our first datewe may be biased.


BYOF (bring your own food) and a bottle of your favorite sangria/wine. On a beautiful day it’s so fun to eat, drink, chat, and people watch (or dog watch your preference).


Oh my gosh they are my new favorite. And food truck rodeos? Wow, just calling my name. Get a bunch of dishes and share, and if you’re lucky, they’ll be parked outside your local BREWERY (Also a favorite date). So get some food and your favorite brew, then enjoy!


Need I say more? Check bars around your area for amazing deals, and the perfect way to pregame for less. Be on the look-out for my favorite happy hour deals across Savannah!

Lil More Traveling, Little More Moola:


Damian and I love AirbnbI would even say love is an understatement. We’d much rather go through Airbnb, get a cozy home/place than a sterile hotel room. We’ve found amazing cheap homes all over, as have I while I traveled around Asia. It’s the best option for cheaper traveling and a homier feel.


For me, and Damian, a concert date is our personal favorite. For example, we’re celebrated our one year with a weekend full of concerts. Some are cheap, around $20, and some are priceybut always worthwhile. It’s an experience that stays with you forever (cheesy, I know).

These are just a few ideas, and of course, anything can be a date if you label it as one. The ones listed are just my personal favorites, so Damian and I do them often. Feel free to leave your own date ideas in the comments below!

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