Current Skincare Favorites for Unruly Skin

Twenty-one years and it’s still a struggle trying to find something (anything!) over the counter that’ll help my sensitive skin. Whether it’s rosacea or acne that’s been knocking at my pores for years – my skin and I have finally seemed to come to an agreement (and I’m knocking on wood as I write).

I’ve tried everything: Dermatologists, recommendations from beauty gurus, but no – I will not cut out dairy because someone said it helps redness. There’s such a thing as smoked gouda cheese, people.

So here’s my little list (disclaimer: I am in no way a skin expert OR will I be including any products prescribed to me).

Organic Witch Hazel: For the longest time everyone under the sun was recommending that I try using a toner for my redness. I tried oil bases toners, Pixie toners, cheap to pricey toners annnnd nothing. Until witch hazel, my now holy grail waltzed into my beauty cabinet. 

I’ve been using it since December of last year and I can really tell a difference with helping even out my skin tones and redness. I love her.

Fancy Soaps: Okay, they’re not that fancy; however, they are out of the ordinary. If you struggle with razor bumps, rashes from scented soaps/lotions, and any irritation on your skin – I have a tip for you. STOP (!!!) using fancy scented soaps and LUSH body washes. I’ve been there, trust me, but having irritated skin is not a trade for skin that smells like bubble gum. 

My favorite soaps are this tea tree oil body wash (I use it all over my body), and this apple cider vinegar bar (I use directly on irritated areas). IMO smell just as great – if not better – while smelling fresh and feeling good.

Eucalyptus: It’s ‘walk outside and your entire porch and white car that you got washed two days ago are both covered in a dense layer of pollen’ season. SO besides taking allergy medicine every morning/night trying hanging dried eucalyptus in your shower and let the steam do it’s work. The leafy green clears your stuffed sinuses while making your bathroom smell minty fresh!

Do you have any recs?? Leave them in the comments below and let’s chat!

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