HUJI Diary: Taipei, Taiwan.


The weekend started with an early morning. My friends and I stood waiting for an Uber before the sun had even risen—and the sun rises early in Hong Kong.

Slow lines through airports, and long lines to immigration… we had made it to Taichung.

We had gotten to our Airbnb in Taipei midafternoon. After lying around we made it to ooh cha cha in Da an to devour some yummy vegan food… oh how I miss the vegan nachos (highly recommend).

Several flights of beer later, to bed we go. Tired eyes and achy limbs from flying.

How beautiful Taipei is even when it’s dreary and the sun only peeps out momentarily.

The Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall was breathtaking and the views from Elephant Mountain are unexplainable.

Don’t be scared to travel to different spots on the MRT. You may just come across beautiful temples and street parades in the middle of the afternoon.

On our last night, my twenty-first birthday started at midnight. My friends forced me out of bed to find a bar somewhere in our area and had too many tequila shots for having to wake up at 5 a.m. to fly back to HK.

My last weekend in Hong Kong begins Friday. Then finals pick up in full swing and the only thing I’ll be able to think about is how I’m going to pack up my life here in a few suitcases.

To see more photos from our trip, be sure to look on my Facebook or on VSCO.

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