Concert Diary of Summer 2018

From beer-stained hardwood to small and stuffy record stores; life pauses for a few hours while you’re listening to your favorite songs surrounded by your favorite people.

As this past summer was filled with many nights spent with our favorite artists and road trips to different states I figured we’d do a little Q&A. My boyfriend, Damian, will also be joining me in answering a series of questions as he went to all the concerts I attended, and more.

1. What concerts did you go to this summer, and who was your favorite?

Damian: I went to Fry Your Brain with The Maine tour, Paramore Tour 5, Warped Tour, With Confidence acoustic show, and The Band CAMINO. Warped Tour was my favorite. I got to see a lot of my favorite bands, all in one day. The new and the old.

Miranda: I finally had the pleasure of seeing The Maine in April, Paramore (That Dames promised he’d take me to) in June, With Confidence acoustic show in August, and The Band CAMINO also in August.

2. What was the top song from each band you saw?


The Maine – Black Butterflies and Deja Vu (all two times)

State Champs – Dead & Gone

Real Friends – Late Nights in My Car

Knuckle Puck – But Why Would You Care

Mayday Parade – The Rock Show (Blink-182 Cover)

Tonight Alive – Temple

We The King – Check Yes Juliet

Don Brocco – Everybody

With Confidence – That Something

Paramore – 26 and Passionfruit (Drake Cover)

The Band CAMINO – I Spend Too Much Time in My Room


The Maine – Right Girl

Paramore – Fake Happy

The Band CAMINO – Daphne Blue

With Confidence – Godzilla

3. Which concert was the best experience? 

M: That’s a hard question… I really enjoyed going to The Maine because I’ve been wanting to see them for years and I enjoyed going with my best friend and meeting up with you (Damian) and Allen. It was just an all-around fun and heartwarming experience. Although, seeing The Band CAMINO) in a small venue as they’re just starting out was so so fun. I really enjoy their music and their energy.

D: I think the best experience overall had to be the final Warped Tour ever. There’s just something about Warped Tour that is so special. Just a bunch of your favorite bands and being with your favorite people all for one day. It’s like you forget about everything else just for one day…RIP. Also seeing Hayley Williams and Paramore with my sister and Miranda was the best way to kick off the summer after graduating.

IMG_1819 2

4. If you could make a dream band (out of the people you saw), who would it consist of?

M: Huge fan of both male and female vocals, so for sure Hayley Williams (Paramore) and Jeffery Jordan (The Band CAMINO) as lead vocalist. Their voices would work so well together as they both have a little raspy undertone and strong vocals. Pat Kirch (The Maine) on drums, because he’s so killer. Vincent Rowell (The Band Camino) on bass, because watching him play was just so amazing. Lastly Jayden Seeley (With Confidence) on lead guitar; however I would also put John O (The Maine) there because I want him as vocals and guitar… all around a tough question.

D: Hayley Williams as lead singer, obviously. Jayden from With Con on bass and back up vocals, John O’ from The Maine on the keyboard, Jared Monaco from The Maine on lead guitar, Jake from Mayday Parade on Drums, and to finish it off David from Real Friends on Rhythm guitar

5. Which band would you want to hang with for a day, and possibly play with?

M: I don’t play any instruments so jamming out with them is out of the question. I would love to hang with The Maine purely because they look like a good time, but I would also really like to write with them. Their lyrics resonate with me the most and watching the writing process would be awesome. Also, John’s girlfriend has a Frenchie and I’m all about that.

D: I’ll probably hang with The Maine or Mayday Parade because they’re both 2 of my top 3 favorite bands. They’ve inspired me the most as a musician and as a person. It’d be really cool to hang out with the people that made the music that encouraged me to a musician myself.

IMG_1820 2

6. Dream setlist from one of the bands you saw?

M: Let’s do The Maine, and we might be here for hours so let’s go. Personally, I’d love for them to begin from the beginning and work their way up to newer albums so

This Is The End

Into Your Arms

Right Girl

Growing Up

Inside of You (Acoustic)

Some Days (Acoustic)

Thinking of You

My Heroine

Don’t Give Up On ‘Us’

The entire Forever Halloween Deluxe Version (!!!)

English Girls

Another Night on Mars


Do You Remember

Don’t Come Down

Black Butterflies and Deja Vu

Girls Do What They Want

D: I’m gonna do State Champs:

Deadly Conversation



All You Are Is History

Around The World and Back

Leave You in the Dark (acoustic)

If I’m Lucky (acoustic)


Dead and Gone

Mine is Gold

Encore: Elevated

7. Top outfit(s) from the band/performers seen?

M: You can so tell I thought of this questions because I want to talk about Hayley Williams’ pink blazer SO bad. Have you seen it? Amazing. The whole tights with the legs tattoos look? Only Hayley could pull that off. Hair? Amazing since Riot. Make-up? Total Instagram Baddie if that’s what the kids are saying nowadays.

IMG_1821 2

D: I am a huge fan of The Maine’s Summer of Red outfits. Red, red, red, red!!! John O’ rocks the white suspender overall red button up and red pants look. Every single member of the band also adds their own style and “flavor” to their all red outfit, making it very unique.

8. Favorite Lyrics from artists?

M: The Band CAMINO, I Spend Too Much Time In My Room, “My friends, they all smoke cigarettes. By Wednesday I’ll be smoking one too. My brother said he said he don’t know me anymore. What the hell am I supposed to do?” and With Confidence, That Something, “We shook through constellations, two scorpions racing.”

D: Nothing will ever sound sweeter than Hayley Williams singing all of 26, but most importantly, “Hold on to hope if you got it, don’t let it go for nobody.”

9. Favorite Instagram out of artists?

M: If you haven’t checked out John O’Callaghan’s Instagram, go check out John O’s Instagram. His Twitter too while you’re at it.

D: John O’Callaghan. Enough said.

10. Who would your dream concert consist of? Not limited to bands.

M: The Band CAMINO opening for The Maine then LANY and finish off with The 1975. Harry Styles and Mayday Parade if this is an all-day affair.

D: My dream concert would consist of a Warped Tour day with Real Friends, Knuckle Puck, State Champs, With Confidence, Neck Deep, Mayday Parade, The Maine, and All Time Low taking it home to end the best day ever.


Miranda shared a drawing with you 7


The Band CAMINO, Daphne Blue & I Spend Too Much Time In My Room


The Maine, Am I Pretty

Paramore, Passionfruit Cover

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