Summer Poetry Slam

Welcome welcome welcome!! I am introducing a new series that I am going to begin to introduce on my blog. Submissions are more than welcome, but for now, it will be featuring a majority of my original work. I wanted to create an outlet for me to release my poetry as I do not do so often, so here it is!




You sent chills up my spine

As do bare feet on the tile in January.

Dancing in the refrigerator light,

Two bare bodies immerse into one

You laugh into my lips before the final twirl.

The car hit 80 in a 45,

Backroads and windows down.

No destination on 84

Just chapped, lazy kisses, and spotty reception.

Serendipity, I whisper.

Miranda shared a drawing with you 5

Sweet Like Honey

His voice resembles the sinking sun, before dripping into the horizon.

Soft golden light falls into the corners of the room,

Into the crevasses of his lips.

They taste sweet,

Like honey.

Miranda shared a drawing with you 5


I crave quiet dawns,

The sun dancing through white silk curtains billowing in the breeze

Of the cracked window.

The roar of the ocean is calling us to the sand, the sun awaits.

Laughter fills the crevices of the waves falling to the Earth.

Your callused bare hands reach for mine, finding my waist instead.

My nose falls to the fold into your chest,

I can feel my heartbreaking while you hold me in front of the ocean.

It’s quiet behind the talk of seagulls among the clouds drifting west.


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