Best Local Brunch Places in Wake Forest, NC

Coming home for the summer can be difficult when you’re used to being surrounded by your favorite local brunch places in Savannah. While missing eggs benedict from Little Duck Diner and yummy blueberry pancakes from Clary’s Cafe, I made my way around Wake Forest, and the surrounding areas, to find similar spots.

These places are all local (all but two), and make your Saturdays/Sundays a little more enjoyable. Or all the other days of the week. You never know when brunch cravings will hit.



  • Packhouse Coffee: Solely a coffee house (literally a tiny home) that brews delicious coffee of all flavors. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon pick-me-up or if you’re in need of a super cute Instagram.


  • Wake Forest Coffee Company: I’m currently sitting here writing this blog post drinking my favorite, caramel latte with almond milk. And they don’t charge extra for milk substitution (!!!). A cozy spot for all my coffee (and tea etc) drinkers right in the heart of downtown Wake Forest.


  • Stewart’s Bistro: Hands down my favorite brunch place at home. Their menu is amazing, and the food is even better. I highly recommend their waffles and lattes; mainly because that’s the only thing I get there. However, everyone I take here ends up loving it just as much as I.


  • Sugar Magnolia Cafe and Emporium: My go-to place all for tea. They carry seasonal teas and also have them for sale. My favorite thing to get here, when I’m not dining in for afternoon tea, is the pimento sandwich with vanilla tea. So so so yummy. You can even join them for beer & wine in the evenings and local bands on the weekends. There’s so much to do there, so keep watch of their events calendar!


  • The Lemon Tree Cafe: I’m getting repetitive saying all these places are my favorite, but they truly are. If you’re craving a clean, small portioned meal I highly recommend this place. Their soups and salads are so good as well as their quiches. And their homemade lemon bars are always a must.


  • Mainstreet Grille & Cafe: They’re also a bakery carrying delicious sweets, but their grill & cafe is perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you’re craving a good homemade breakfast but don’t want to do the cooking and cleaning, this is your spot.


Miranda shared a drawing with you 3

  • The Remedy Diner: If you’re in downtown Raleigh looking for a vegan/vegetarian-friendly meal, here you go! I love the vegan pulled pork sandwich, and they also have meat-friendly options for your meat-eater friends. I have yet to try their breakfast but the menu looks delish.


  • Fiction Kitchen: The reviews of this place are phenomenal, and if you drive by on a Saturday or Sunday around brunch time, the line is out the door of people waiting to be seated. The entire menu is vegetarian/vegan-friendly and I am dying to try their fried “chicken” and biscuit with blueberry jam; I’m hungry just thinking about it.


  • Mecca Resturant: My parents found this place when I used to be in the Raleigh Christmas parade for Dance Team back in high school. It was where they were first introduced to Fireball and took shots to warm them up. But they claim the food is just as good, but I still think they go for shots.


  • Jubala Coffee: A favorite since high school, and you can’t find a better combo of a latte and a biscuit anywhere else. It’s a spot perfect for studying, a small bite, or catching up with friends.


  • Tupelo Honey Cafe: My favorite brunch place in downtown Raleigh, and there is also one in Asheville if you’re located in the mountains. They have something for everyone, and biscuits are served with every meal–a win, win.


  • The Flying Biscuit Cafe: I haven’t been, but a friend of mine said it’s really good as well as their alcoholic beverages. So check out their menu and plan on having a mimosa with your breakfast.


Be sure to comment your places down below!

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Caramel latte with almond milk pls

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