My Favorites of June



From Savannah to North Carolina; June was built from readjusting my schedule once back home. I’ve had a few weeks of downtime to be with myself and hang with old friends from high school. All in all the month flew by faster than anticipated. Halfway through summer and I’m begging for it to slow down… I still have too many books piled up on my summer reading list.


  • Patterns, Patterns, Patterns! I have been OBSESSED with polka dots lately. They’re a classic, and the black and white pair seemingly go with everything. Not only that but mixing patterns has been a fun experiment of mine throughout the month.
  • Espadrilles. Through the thirty days, I’ve somehow accumulated three pairs of espadrilles. A favorite pair of mine broke in May, and I’ve been subconsciously filling the void with platform sneakers and slip-ons. *
  • Tube Tops. There’s a fancier term for these tops, but let’s not lie to ourselves and act like we aren’t bringing back an iconic piece from the 90’s. If I could get one in every color I would. They’re perfect for the summer’s dry heat and they seamlessly go with everything from jean shorts to a night out. * * *
  • Danity Jewelery. I get a lot of rings and pieces from my mom, guilty, and they’ve been a staple of my summer accessories. I can even see the ring tans to prove it. I love accessorizing with jewelry because it’s an aspect of personality many people look over. My favorite website to get the best accesories is Cuffed by Nano! Use my discount code, Randa10, for 10% off your order! Linked are my favorite pieces. * * *
  • Pastels. Whether it’s a bright yellow purse or millennial pink pants, it’s time to add more pops of collor to your wordrobe. Let’s put neutrals to rest for awhile (I’m having separation anxiety, too).


  • Queer Eye. If it hasn’t been said enough by everyone else, I’ll say it again; This show is a tear jerker, I don’t remember the last time a show has made me cry as  much as this; however, in the best way possible.
  • Cartia Mallan. Her vlogs are always full of adventure and loaded with inspiration. For those of you who are leaning towards a creative career, you can gain some great insight from her!
  • Will Darbyshire. I am fully in love with each and every one of his videos. They are filmed beautifully and purely original. His taste is phenominal.
  • Podcasts. I know, I know you can’t watch a podcast. BUT during long carrides and after too many hours of TV and music, I like to unwind with a podcast. Some favorites are: Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso, Don’t Blame Me! with Meghan Rienks, At Home With… Lily Pebbles & Anna Newton. (Find all of these on the Podcast app on your Iphone.)


  • Vegan Blueberry Muffins. I shared this recipe on my blog a few weeks ago, and you guys LOVED it. I can’t blame you. These vegan lemon lavender blueberry muffins are pure gold. And now my mouth is watering.
  • Bang-Bang Cauliflower. Let me just take a moment and say cauliflower anything, is to die for. I’ve made cauliflower buffalo wings, pizza, and pretty much everything with this delish veggie. My mom is obsessed with this recipe of bang-bang cauliflower. She’s not wrong, it’s banging.
  • Stewart’s Bistro. My favorite brunch spot in Wake Forest for those of you in the area. From pancakes to sandwiches, your mouth will be watering just reading the latte menu. In the coming weeks, I’ll be forming a large list of all the best places to get your brunch fix in the Raleigh/Wake Forest area. So be on the look-out!


  • The Paris Wife by Paula Mclain. This book made me fall in love with not only historical fiction, but Ernest Hemingway as well. The Paris Wife is a wonderful read about him and his first wife, Hadley, and I highly recommend you pick it up and read about their romance in Paris during the 1920’s.
  • The Past by Tessa Hadley. To be fair, I had a difficult time getting hooked on the story with its slow start. But once you get attached to the characters and the style of her writing, it becomes a quick read.
  • Leopoldine Core. Her collection of short stores, While Watching, is my absolute favorite. Her prose style is very similar to mine so I enjoy her short stories. Great author who dabbles in short stories, poetry, and more. You can check out a lot of her work here.


  • Spotify. Every month I curate a playlist of new finds throughout the thirty or so days. So here is my playlist for the month of June, one of my favorites, and you can already start listening to my July playlist as well!
  • Favorite Songs of the Month:

Fool Of Myself by The Band Camino

2 / 14 by The Band Camino

My Boy by Billie Ellish

Idle Town by Conan Gray

Crystal Ball by State Champs

Pretty Woman by Lo Noom

Vowels by Hunny

Fake I.D. by Joyce Manor

Wanderlust by James Bay

Wasted On Each Other by James Bay

Better Views by Yellow House








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