How a Week of Mirror Selfies Taught Me More Than a Year of School

During colder months my wardrobe consists of neutrals and darks. Throughout the warmer months, I push myself towards color and patterns (which is hard for a neutral/plain-aholic).

I challenged myself to a week of mirror selfies to document my outfits worn. Of course, they weren’t complete without my dog, Tom, sleeping in the background of almost every photo. But he has separation anxiety and enjoys a good nap, and I guess a photobomb, too.

Let the Week of Outfits Begin

Shirt: Topshop, Jeans: Anthropologie, Shoes: Vans

Monday I was feeling a bit adventurous with patterns, and anyone who knows me stylistically knows that is a BIG step. I also got these vans recently, super cute right, so I couldn’t but throw together a fun outfit.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Shirt: F21, Skirt: TJ Maxx Polo, Button-down: Goodwill, Shoes: Vans

Tuesday was HOT. It really made me miss Autumn and dressing to keep warm, but I guess dressing to keep cool is easy when you stick to light colors. I threw together a white two-piece and wore a button up as a cardigan since I was mainly indoors (I get chilly very easily, a grandma quality I’ve come to terms with).

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Shirt: Target, Shorts: Goodwill, Shoes: Target

Wednesday consisted of breakfast dates and Incredibles 2, so I kept it casual and simple. I threw on a sweater for the movies and I was good to go!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Shirt: Red Clover Boutique, Shorts: Francesca’s, Shoes: Topshop, Purse: Topshop

Thursday… When you have a doctor’s appointment and high tea in one day, it makes you a little outfit confused. Do I dress comfy? Nice for high tea? Both? Both.



Friday is mainly spent in a swimsuit by the pool. BUT at some point, we have to change. Laying in bed and eating dinner out in public isn’t the best time to be wearing a soaking wet suit.  (Hover over photos for outfit details).

Am I Addicted to Denim? 

I haven’t paid too much attention to my style in the past or as of lately. At some point, I’ll have to dedicate a post to my style fluctuation throughout the years. It gets… interesting.

From the past week, I’ve noticed my draw to DIY pieces. Both the denim shorts worn are originally jeans from Goodwill that I took and cut/distressed myself. I have a hard time laying down $50 for a pair of jeans when Goodwill $5 jeans and scissors do just fine. Plus, I can distress them how I prefer.

Same goes for t-shirts. The Rolling Stones tee was perfectly whole when purchased, but with some help from fabric scissors, wha-la.

The white skirt (Tuesday) was actually part of a men’s polo. Shocked, right? But now it’s a perfect summer skirt that has turned into a true closet staple.

As of lately I’ve enjoyed tying shirts in knots, adding a DIY touch to articles of clothing, a good street sneaker, and working with different patterns.

Also, you can NEVER go wrong with a scrunchie… Can’t remember the last time I’ve worn a regular elastic in my hair. I get a lot of mine from Free People!

Happy Friday folks, and have a wonderful weekend!


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