The Alexa Chung Diet: I Hacked Her Instagram

I went into my second-to-last diet glowing with pride that I’ve almost successfully completed four diets and lived the lives of others oh-so effortlessly. I thought Alexa Chung would be a breeze! Wake up at 9 a.m., ballet before brunch with the girls—no problem.


You think being an ‘it’ girl would have you laying poolside being fed grapes while The Beatles softly play. But there are no water wings penciled in Alexa Chung’s diary. 24 hours in her shoes seems like a whirlwind to say the least; although I don’t think I’d mind.

I woke up in a panic last night from a nightmare of not being able to perfect a foolproof red lip or put together an effortless outfit five minutes before I needed to leave. Alexa doesn’t have a standing mirror in her NYC apartment. Can you believe it, being able to run out the door knowing you look THAT good? I can’t. Seeing as it takes me an hour to pick out goddamn underwear.

I get very panicky at the thought of not knowing what I’ll be wearing the next day before falling asleep, I slyly plan my outfit with keeping Alexa’s conscious in mind. In her first book “It”, she shares that dungarees and a white shirt are two out of the five items she couldn’t live without. So here I am, in a white shirt paired with my favorite dungaree dress. I added some snazzy boots because she also said she couldn’t live without ankle boots; and, Alexa, couldn’t agree more.


Like any gal who has a sense of style, I am in love with about anything Alexa throws together. She once said, “Fashion is a jigsaw when feeling uninspired.”

However, I couldn’t help but think I wasn’t nailing it—how could I conquer her lifestyle…  or at least conquer a quarter of it. Seeing we’re both Scorpios, we’re calm, cool and mysterious. So, I chose to play it calm and cool. And what better way to do that than to become her Instagram. Okay—not literally, but to recreate Alexa’s most quirky photos.



Nailed it.

During my research of Alexa, I have to say, she’s one super cool gal. The type to point you in the direction of the best whiskey in Brooklyn or the best place to get secondhand couture.

If we were to ever cross paths, I’d most-likely ruin an almost friendship with a bad joke; but then again, I think she’d laugh.

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