I Tried the Gigi Hadid Diet: I Now Date Zayn Malik

Do you ever find yourself laying in bed at night imagining yourself being invited to walk the annual Victoria Secret Fashion Show? I’d be lying if I said I didn’t, and so would my roommates as they’ve caught me practicing my ‘runway walk’ more times than I’d like. But hey, what better than to try the Gigi Hadid diet then?

Jelena Noura ‘Gigi’ Hadid is one of the most notable models in fashion right now, and I may be merely only studying fashion journalism right now – but Gigi also studied at the new school in design and I’m also at a design school. So I’d say I’m already ahead of the game; although I did not study criminal physiology.

From watching probably too many interview clips of Gigi and reading a vast amount of articles, I felt very prepared to begin the Gigi Hadid diet. After reading her favorite artist (and best friend) is Taylor Swift, I felt it was only necessary to listen to T Swizzle while writing. (Dear John really hit me in the feels) Plus both Swift and Hadid date/dated members from ex-boyband One Direction. Pretty relatable, right?

As said before, I’m in college. So it’s kinda sorta financially impossible for me to jet off to Spain and France whenever, and that also kinda makes me sad. But point is, Gigi is a successful businesswoman, designer (Gigi x Tommy Hilfiger is everything), and model. So all while I’m pretending I’m all of those things for a few days – haha – I have three papers due this week, yippie!

Back to Gigi.

To start, I went and bought all of her favorites from snacks to food for meals. Her favorite snack is carrots and hummus and I thought to myself, perfect! Cheap enough for me. She also gets down with spicy margaritas with chips and guac – I knew I loved her for obvious reasons.

Gigi wakes up at 7 am to go to her boxing class. She doesn’t like cardio workouts at the gym since she grew up playing volleyball and horseback riding as her workout. I respected her decision of boxing but gave it a pass. I woke up at 7 am and did yoga in my apartment in a sports bra and underwear all while half asleep. Close enough, right?

For breakfast, Gigi loves scrambled eggs, bacon, and beans on toast. I thought beans on toast was a little weird, but then I remembered she dates British pop star Zayn Malik than I also remembered I don’t have a hot British boyfriend and ate my beans on toast alone. I also don’t eat meat, so I passed on the bacon.


I want to become an ambassador solely for Gigi’s beauty routine. She doesn’t wash her hair every day, loves simple makeup paired with nude lips, and uses drugstore skincare products – if only my skin was that nice to me. While spraying dry shampoo into my roots, I realized I was too pale to be pulling off the Gigi look. I mean, after all, she’s a Malibu native who grew up at the beach, this just wasn’t right. Thank goodness for St. Tropez Instant Tanning Moose – I felt more like young Gigi in minutes.

I even tried to copy her luxurious locks but found out too quickly that my hair is too short and had to settle for a lions mane of curls. Oh well. But I am living for the effortless makeup look.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Getting dressed was simple – I went to the Gigi basics. A white tee/tank with jeans and sneakers. Gigi is an ambassador for Reebok, but sadly, a pair does not happen to be on my shoe rack. I opted for vans instead, as they are my go-to. I threw on a yellow biker jacket – a true staple. I felt like she’d be proud.

I even slid my hair into a classic Gigi Hadid slick back bun look, I’d say I nailed it.

0008B75F-7F36-4E94-98A6-2AAB6B2AA362 2.JPG

Gigi said her day doesn’t start before having coffee, and all the paparazzi photos seem to prove that. It’s like she’s never not seen without coffee. So I needed some ASAP.

The Starbucks lady happily handed me my order of a grande vanilla latte with almond milk, and I then started my day just as a VS model does.

I had a hard time participating in her guilty pleasure – cheeseburgers and fries. Again, I don’t eat meat. Soooo being super creative (!!) I substituted a homemade sweet potato black bean burger for meat, and I thought since I was already being a bit healthier, why not make avocado fries! I’m having too much fun cooking lately. I’d say this was my new guilty pleasure, and Gigi – you should try it.

Being a supermodel for a few days was fun. She likes spending time at her apartment in NYC and movie nights paired with cookies with her boyfriend, Zayn. Even though I don’t have a ‘Zayn’, I do have roommates. So I’ll just force them to watch movies with me while stuffing chocolate chip cookies into my mouth.

The Gigi Hadid diet was more fun than stress. I even went to the beach to capture a true teen Gigi moment while she was living in Malibu. And after watching an insane amount of interviews, I almost considered buying Barbie as Gigi Hadid – I stopped myself before it got that serious. I came out of this loving beans on toast, incidentally, good work Gigi.


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